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This website is no longer maintained. You can visit my new website laria.me instead!

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New website

( Posted: 2021-01-01 18:11:37 Tags: )

I’ve created a new website at laria.me!

Some of the blog entries from here have been migrated to the new page, but not all. That’s why I’ll keep this blog, to prevent links to it from breaking. But I’ll no longer maintain it.

I hope to see you there! :)


( Posted: 2014-04-26 01:12:00 Tags: , , , )

onekb.net offers ultra cheap hosting... if you can fit your stuff into 1024 bytes!

I decided to write a mandelbrot renderer in 1kb. mndlbrt is the result! You can zoom and even share the current image with others (the URL automtaically updates to represent the current area). Also learned a bit about the HTML canvas in the process, which has a surprisingly sane API for webstandards.

A new noindex proposal

( Posted: 2014-04-11 01:04:26 Tags: , , , , , )

So, today I improved my blog by adding more semantic markup, in hope that this will improve the indexability of my page. The blog now uses XHTM5 instead of XHTML1. It heavily uses rel attributes, has some <meta/> tags in the <head/> area and properly uses <article/>, <nav/>, <aside/> and tons of other new HTML5 features. (I already wrote about it here)

This should help webcrawlers properly indexing this blog.

But here's another problem: The header (of course, properly marked up as a <header/> tag) includes a cool (well, at least I think so...) random text that changes with every visit. Unfortunately crawlers seem to think, that this text is part of the actual content.

So I needed a way to tell a crawler to not index that one element.



( Posted: 2014-03-28 13:18:59 Tags: , , , )

I've published simplechat, a websocket-based chat application written in Go and Javascript.

It provides throwaway chatrooms: A chatroom is identified by it's URL, it will be spawned when the first one enters the room (visits the URL) and is deleted when the last one leaves the room. Nothing is stored permanently and no login is required.

Here is my public installation

Fat-Free Framework

( Posted: 2014-02-22 14:17:16 Tags: , , , )

I discovered the Fat-Free-Framework last week and fell in love with it. I am usually not a big fan of frameworks, since most of them enforce too many restrictions, but this one is really nice.



( Posted: 2013-09-22 11:45:15 Tags: , , , , )

I've written a web-based service that allows you to send yourself an email based on a schedule: mailremind.

Why? Because I often send myself an email to remind me of something and I thought it would be useful if I could send mails in the future or based on a schedule (e.g. useful for birthdays).

If you also think this is useful, you can have your own installation (it is quite easy to configure), or you can use my public mailremind installation: mailremind.silvasur.net