Hi, im Laria

This website is no longer maintained. You can visit my new website laria.me instead!

About Me

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Hi, my name is Laria. I was born in 1991 and currently live in Hamburg, but was raised in Lübeck (which is obviously the best place in the world).

My dream is to live off-the-grid and self-sustained outside of the big cities. Or live nomadic and travel across Eurasia by bicycle.

I am genderqueer / some kind of trans*-woman-ish individuum. I can't really specify it any further and I've given up for now :). My pronoun is "they" or "she". Usually "she", since there unfortunately is no version of "they" in my native language (German).

In my spare time I do programming. I also program for a living, I work at rexx systems in Hamburg.

I also like listening to music (see my last.fm profile, my discogs profile or the music tag of this blog). I listen to a lot of different genres and am open to every kind of music. Mostly it's black metal, blackgaze, progressive metal, post rock and similar stuff, though. My favorite album right now is Sól from Helrunar (I own the limited artbook edition. Something I like to brag about like it's some kind of huge achievement :)).

Also I like cooking, bicycling, being outside and am a bit of a treehugger.

If you want to contact me, you can shoot me an e-mail: laria (minus) blog (at) laria (dot) me