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A new noindex proposal

( Posted: 2014-04-11 01:04:26 Tags: , , , , , )

So, today I improved my blog by adding more semantic markup, in hope that this will improve the indexability of my page. The blog now uses XHTM5 instead of XHTML1. It heavily uses rel attributes, has some <meta/> tags in the <head/> area and properly uses <article/>, <nav/>, <aside/> and tons of other new HTML5 features. (I already wrote about it here)

This should help webcrawlers properly indexing this blog.

But here's another problem: The header (of course, properly marked up as a <header/> tag) includes a cool (well, at least I think so...) random text that changes with every visit. Unfortunately crawlers seem to think, that this text is part of the actual content.

So I needed a way to tell a crawler to not index that one element.