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Shitton of updates for the blog!

( Posted: 2014-04-10 16:29:06 Tags: , , , , )

w00t! I've added quite a lot of updates to the blog:

Let's start with the most important and most recent change: HTML5!!! Or, actually XHTML5!

I wanted to add more semantics to the markup and some elements I wanted to use (<article/>, <nav/>, <time/> ...) are only allowed in HTML5. Since I don't like the "native" HTML5 markup (WTF? Neither XML nor SGML based? WHY?!?), I've chosen XHTML5, which is the same thing but uses a proper XML syntax. While I am not a big fan of XML (it's sooooooooo verbose!), it's definitely better than the (IMHO) bogus HTML5 syntax. I just can't stand unclosed tags, 'mkay?

So yeah... Better semantics now, should also help search engines to properly index my page (they failed horribly before). And while I worked on this stuff, I also fixed the Content-Type field (was text/html before, which was wrong the whole time, since it was always XHTML. Yay, I'm sooo professional...).

Okay, now for the other improvements:

And some stuff to make publishing easier for me: