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I've written a small tool that generates an Atom-Feed from a Twitter-Account. All recent (re-)tweets of an account get transfromed into an atom feed. I don't really use my twitter account for posting and want to close it. But there were some people I couldn't get upates from other platforms than twitter, so I've written this tool.

Instead of using twitter's API, it just scrapes the HTML. This has the advantage that I don't need an API key. I don't think twitter would like to see such a program anyway, so they might refuse to give me a key. Of course this also means that I will have to update the tool from time to time, if they decide to change the markup.


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A really great retro hack'n'slay game. Currently playing it, highly recommended.

Is it a Notebook? Is it a Tablet?

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Both! And I love it already! It's an Ideapad Yoga 11s from Lenovo.

I needed a small portable computer for my daily commuting. I want to do something useful with that 90 minutes on the train every day (okay, let's be honest, I will mostly surf reddit once I get mobile internet, can't decide on a contract yet, they are all shitty).



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I needed to tag some MP3 files to transfer them to my Hi-MD player (I know, I'm a technological caveman sometimes...). Since I have the most important music infos encoded in the directory structure, I could write a little shell script to automate this.

This is why a Unix-ish system beats Windows: You can combine simple tools with a simple, yet powerful programming language to automate almost everything if you want to. On Windows you probably would have to download a 3rd party program for that.

Endlich da!

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Woo! Der nächste Ulldart von Markus Heitz ist bei mir angekommen (Müssen die erst nachgedruckt werden, oder warum dauert da ca. 2 Wochen? War beim zweiten Teil auch so)! Da habe ich mich schon länger drauf gefreut! Bin gespannt, wie es mit Lodrik weitergeht! Klare Empfehlung für jede*n Fantasyfreund*in!


Cute adhesive notes

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Actually only wanted to buy a notebook (like, the paper thing, not a portable computer) but I just needed to buy these notes. I freaking love owls :3

The company makes even more cute notes, btw.

Broken Hearts | Aloud

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This track is on repeat all day long for me. Really great song! Actually, the whole album is great. No wait, everything Aloud makes is great!