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( Posted: 2014-09-29 22:19:40 Tags: )

A really great retro hack'n'slay game. Currently playing it, highly recommended.


( Posted: 2014-03-11 13:45:43 Tags: )

A cool little browser game. A very simple concept but oddly addicting.

(This site seems to change from time to time. I found no permalink to the game. Look for 2048, if it isn't there anymore)

Maverick Bird

( Posted: 2014-02-22 14:06:43 Tags: )

Terry Cavanagh made a Flappy Bird clone. Ridiculously difficult and kinda addicting.


( Posted: 2014-02-19 21:19:11 Tags: , )

Jazzpunk is a great little game. It is extremely funny, full of ridiculous situations. Almost like Monty Python did a video game. Love it!

Podcast #2: Gothic (in German)

( Posted: 2013-11-08 21:45:53 Tags: , )

Sehr schöne Podcast-Episode über das großartige Adventure Gothic. Die beiden sind Spieleentwickler (haben das AFAIK studiert) und kennen sich somit ziemlich gut aus. Hat mir noch mal ein paar neue Perspektiven zu Gothic gezeigt.

BTW, deren Spiel Tri ist großartig!