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Yet another relaunch

( Posted: 2016-07-29 22:41:41 Tags: , , )

w00t! The blog was relaunched! Again! This is probably the 6th iteration or something like that :).

So, welcome back! New URL, new blog software. Last time it was a wonderful patchwork of CGI shell and awk scripts running under Apache. It was super cool, super nerdy and super impossible to fill with content from within the browser. If I wanted to post new stuff, I needed to edit files on my computer and update the blog by running make. Was quite handy for some mass edit actions but made it impossible to edit the blog from my smartphone, which became more and more important to me.

So here we are, this time the blog is powered by PHP (custom scripts), MariaDB, Nginx and Arch Linux (obviously the sanest choice for a server /s). Oh, and this time, the blog features a responsive design I quite enjoy :).

I migrated most of the old stuff, so it doesn't look that empty here.