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( Posted: 2014-03-19 23:09:18 Tags: , , , )

I've published a simple todo list webapp. I started this project to learn using the awesome Fat-Free Framework (I've already written about it on this blog).

The programming part was (thanks to F3) really simple and took only a couple of days. What took very long was styling the application, since I had some very precise ideas of how it should look like and because CSS is a terrible language for layouts. Also because I'm lazy and had some other stuff to do.

Whatever. Now it seems to be working and looks quite good (IMHO). And I definitely learned some things during development: F3 is awesome, CSS is even worse than I thought before it was and next time I should use a CSS Framework (or at least a CSS preprocessor).

Oh, and look how fucking professional I am: I didn't use git from the beginning and simply threw everything into the initial commit...