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STE 1.0

( Posted: 2014-05-24 17:07:19 Tags: , , , )

Woo! Today I released version 1.0 of my compiling template engine STE!

The best thing first: You can now get STE via composer. Just put kch42/ste in your dependencies and then execute composer install. When you use composers autoloader, that's all you have to do. Keep in mind, that ste now lives in the \kch42\ste namespace (was \ste). Old applications should still work: Just include the ste.php wrapper file, this will load all classes and put them into the old \ste namespace.

Also introduced: Scoping with closures! Tags that are created with <ste:mktag /> now have an own scope that inherits from the scope it was created in. Sounds confusing? Look at the test_closure and the test_scoping tests (test.tpl is the template that gets executed and want is the result). These new scoping rules should make writing own tags in STE much more sane!