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Ratatöskr v.0.2 Beta

( Posted: 2013-10-05 01:05:17 Tags: , , , , , )

I recently updated my CMS Ratatöskr.

I wanted to prepare Ratatöskr for the future. Ratatöskr previously used the old mysql PHP extension to connect to a MySQL server. Now it is using the excellent PDO extension. This was necessary because the old mysql extension is deprecated since PHP 5.5. As a bonus, the switch should increase the security of Ratatöskr, since PDO supports prepared statements, which is a better method of preventing SQL injections than my old qdb function.

Accidentally I merged some feature branches into develop (and therefore master), so the plugin API is now more powerful. Since everything seems to work fine, I did not revert the merge (I have no idea why I didn't publish these features before...).

Also I kinda regret that I labeled Ratatöskr a "CMS for PHP 5.3". PHP ≥ 5.4 is more sane (e.g. in PHP 5.3 there seems to be no way to use $this inside of an anonymous function).